1725 Parker Rd. Lakeland, FL 33811  863.701.7200

Core Values

Our core values are the cornerstone, the founding principles of our ministry.

1. Christ-centered (Col. 1:18): Christ is preeminent in all things; therefore His Person and work is the focal point of our teaching, worship and ministry.

2. Bible-based (II Tim.3:16): We consistently and systematically teach the living Word of God as our only authority.

3. Spirit-led (Eph.5:18): We submit to the Holy Spirit for direction and empowerment in character and service.

4. Prayer-powered (I Tim.2:1-8): We seek God through prayer as an expression of total dependence upon God.

5. Love-related (Matt.22:36-40): We promote loving relationships toward all people for whom Christ died.

6. Disciple-making (Matt.28:19-20): We obey the Great Commission through evangelism, missions and discipleship.

7. Faith-living (Heb.11:6): We seek to please God by trusting Him for salvation, daily provision and our future hope.

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